Maintenance on Outboard Motors: A Shortcut to Service a Boat Motor

Regular maintenance on your outboard motor is essential to ensure your outboard stays in good condition after the normal 100 hours of seasonal or continuous usage, particularly in saltwater-based applications.

But, it can be a hassle for novice boat owners who have no prior experience with outboard maintenance.

The maintenance of the motor’s outboard is difficult for different brands and models due to different internal designs and parts.

The great thing is that maintenance of the outboard motor is simple with the electric version of the motor, which prides itself on its “maintenance-free” design.

In this article, we will explain how to maintain motors that are electric, as well as the annual schedule and checklist for outboard motor maintenance and the price of doing it.

Furthermore, we will discuss how to achieve maintenance-free on the outboard by using electric motors, as well as the most recent technology available to help you avoid wasting your time and effort.

  • Maintenance on Outboard Motors: A Simple Routine and Checklist to Follow
  • How do you maintain maintenance on your outboard motor? 
  • How often should you maintain your outboard?

  • In reality, it’s quite simple to maintain the motor in the outboard when you choose to go electric.

    It is not necessary to change the oil in the gear, filters and spark plugs, or grease and lubricate the drive shaft buying everything you need and calculating the time to perform regular maintenance on your outboard and then paying the massive maintenance cost each year.

    The only thing you should be concerned about is the propeller as well as the anode.

    Here’s the checklist for maintenance on outboards for your reference. Take the ePropulsion Navy to provide an instance.


    Propeller & Pin

    50 hours (3 months)



    100 hours (6 months)



    200 hours (12 months)

    Replace if necessary

    Replace if necessary

    In terms of the check and maintenance replacement on the motors on outboards, it’s an easy job to be completed by anyone, regardless of whether you’re technically skilled or not.

    A good example of an outboard checklist maintenance check-up procedure comprises:

    • Examine your propeller’s blades to see if they are worn, erosion by cavitation and other damages
    • Make sure the pin is free of wear and tear
    • Look for water plants, fishing nets, or line twine that is tied around the propeller
    • If the anode has to be replaced in the course of maintenance on boat motors, you can replace yourself by using the simple steps in the user’s manual

    For some models with electric outboards, greasing may be needed in the process of maintaining outboards because of the different designs of the internal components. Though don’t worry, it is also a simple task to do at home with the help of the manual.

    Maintenance Cost for Outboards

    Outboard maintenance for petrol outboards is a lengthy-term expense that could increase to a substantial sum over time if you are looking to take care of your outboard and prolong the lifespan of your motor.

    The outboard maintenance task on your own could result in an issue that involves buying all the necessary items and then spending time reading through the comprehensive checklist.

    The dealer’s advice could cost you more than you anticipated.

    After speaking with a few dealers in town and obtaining estimates on their regular maintenance “specials” that contain a range of things, you may be confused about the amount of money you’ll need.

    In contrast, the outboard motor maintenance expense for electric motors is much simpler to calculate due to the ease of maintaining the motor outboard.

    If you’re planning to manage your maintenance, the sole things to be taken into consideration during your outboard maintenance inspection are the propeller, anode and the pin. All of these can be purchased from a dealer.

    If you’re the first time outboard user with no prior experience with motors and need to locate outboard maintenance services close to you, it’s just $60 annually to get the service and the cost of a couple of components needed for placement, if required.