All New 500W
eLite Electric Outboard

500W Motor | 6.7kg | Portable | Easy-to-Use

eLite 500W

The ePropulsion eLite 500W electric outboard redefines your on-water experience with innovative features and commitment to sustainability. Designed to be the most compact and lightweight electric outboard in its class, it is an easy-to-use alternative to small internal combustion engines for enthusiasts worldwide. Perfectly blending efficiency and mobility, it represents a new era in clean, quiet, and eco-friendly marine propulsion.

Compact & Fully Integrated Space-Saving Design

Performance and Range*

Half Power 250W Full Power 500W Sport Mode 750W
Speed (kph / mph) 6.0 / 3.7 7.5 / 4.7 8.3 / 5.2
Max Run Time (hh:mm) 01:30 00:45 **
Range (km / miles) 9.0 / 5.6 5.6 / 3.5 /

* The data above is for a single person driving an 8ft aluminium dinghy (total weight 117kg), in calm conditions. Range and run time may vary with different boat or load, wind and waves, etc
** Sport Mode can last up to 1 minute subject to battery SOC and temperature.