X-Series Electric Outboard
12-40kW (18-60HP)

Highly Integrated, Intelligent, Efficient & Powerful

NEW X-Series Electric Outboard Motor

The ePropulsion X-Series is a range of zero-emission electric propulsion system with an industry-leading powertrain efficiency of 88.2%. It features a compact & fully integrated design, electric steering system, advanced driving assistance functions and connectivity service. The modular architecture not only simplifies installation but also allows for seamless integration with renewable energy sources.

Performance & Range

Power Level (kW)
Speed (kph)
Runtime (hh:mm)
Range (km)

* The performance data is based on a 20ft V hull aluminium boat with two persons (130kg), powered by one X40 with four G102-100 batteries in calm water. Total boat weight 1,030kg.

Power Trim / Tilt

X-Series' power trim feature allows users to easily and effortlessly adjust the angle of the outboard on the go.

Intuitive Control

X-Series’ digital helm and smart throttles, with instant digital feedback, are responsive and easy to operate, even for boating novices.

Digital Electric Steering

The X-Series' electric steering system eliminates the need for hydraulic components, offering a streamlined, low-maintenance solution. This digital steering serves as a gateway to our suite of Advanced Driving Assistance Systems.

Cutting-edge Driving Assistance Features

"Position Hold", "Heading Hold" and "360 Motion" features offer additional safety and control. More exciting features to come in the future!

Smart System Architecture (eSSA)

Our eSSA facilitates a seamless, worry-free experience in setting up the X-Series propulsion system. The modular architecture supports simple and safe connection of various components and enables integration with renewable energy sources, enhancing the sustainability of your boating experience.


The built-in ePropulsion Connectivity Service keeps you in touch with your boat’s real-time status and provides advanced monitoring, reporting, and trip tracking functionalities.

Made To Last

Waterproof IP67

Collision Protection

Safe and reliable 96V electrical platform comply with IEC standards.

Over 5,000 hours of service life under test conditions.

Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) Excellence

Incorporating frequency resonance isolation and vibration dampening technology, the X-Series operates at a noise level of less than 73dBA — comparable to an office environment — allowing users to fully engage with the tranquillity of their surroundings.


Weight of the X40 setup will be a key factor in deciding whether this outboard is technically suitable for your use case.

The motor itself is about 100kg. Each of our corresponding battery is also about 100kg (10.24kWh). A typical setup will need between 3-4 batteries in parallel. So the starting total weight will be in the order of 400-500kg.

Smaller vessels such as inflatables, tenders, tinnies, may find this a challenge to accommodate.

As such, the X40 would be more technically suitable in houseboat, slow cruising, or ferry type applications.

X40's standalone RRP is not yet finalized, we will update this on our website once it's confirmed.

In most cases, we don't just price the motor, but the whole motor + battery + controller system. Contact us if you wish to get a quote.

The X40 motor is to be paired with our G102-100 battery. Each battery is rated 10.24kWh. In theory, you will need 4 x G102 batteries to run at 40kW for one hour. You can extrapolate from here.

Run time will obviously benefit from having solar power on the vessel. You can run the battery and solar charge at the same time.

Yes, all outboards in the X-Series have hydrogeneration capability.

X40 is already available to order. Simply contact us. We will typically custom order the whole motor & battery system once a design has been finalized. Shipping lead time approximately 30days.

X12 and X20 are also available to order, their delivery date will be approximately August 2024.

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